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Architecture for Exhibition 2018 Edition

Design of an Exhibition for Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Design of an Exhibition for Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

The workshop was conducted in collaboration with the Ferrari Museums, and specifically with Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, with the tutorship of Ateliers Jean Nouvel. Among the most important theme parks in the world, the Ferrari world in Abu Dhabi is one of the most
impressive tributes to what - beyond any doubt - is recognized as the most important brand on a global scale. Passion, luxury and speed: through the workshop, the students had the opportunity to design the setting up of the Galleria Ferrari of Ferrari World, weaving the story of the most prestigious team in the world in one of the most active and fascinating contexts on the global scene.

Museo Ferrari

The Ferrari Museum in Maranello presents visitors with the Ferrari world of today and tomorrow: a world rooted in a glorious past. Furthermore, it offers an immersive experience in the dream of the most famous brand in the world. The "Under the Skin" exhibition at the Design Museum in London narrates the creative and engineering development of Ferrari over the years thanks to a series of extraordinary machines. The "Infinite Red" exhibition celebrates the Prancing Horse's 70-year history with some of the team's most exclusive creations for the track and on the road. Formula One single-seaters have been honored with numerous awards, while the GT automobiles include some of the models most appreciated by collectors, not to mention special limited series such as the F50, the Enzo, and the latest LaFerrari.

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