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Architecture for Humanity 2022 Edition

Design of a Pediatric clinic in Senegal

 Design of a Pediatric clinic in Senegal

The workshop, organized in collaboration with Musoco and tutored by TAMassociati studio (an international reference for the field of humanitarian architecture field), dealt with the design of a medical pediatric clinic in Senegal. During the workshop, designers had the opportunity to measure themselves on different levels, with some of the most important elements of humanitarian architecture. Firstly, a geographical, social, and poor context, with scarce resources and workers, but with a strong necessity for functional and quality architectures. Secondly, the opportunity to get in touch with the topic of architecture for children care: that is to create a place that gives comfort and help to the most helpless segments of society, which can find in these structures both medical care and a comforting and welcoming context that can become a positive reference and a beacon of hope for the local community. Lastly, the technological topic: the absence or the failure of the fundamental networks (data, water, light) define the need for autonomous structures that can fully guarantee their needs, completing the perfect picture of a significant design, both on the technical side and on the solidarity cooperation side.


MUSOCO is a non profit organization (ONLUS), whose exclusive goals are: MUtuality, SOlidarity and COoperation. Their aim is to promote both communication among peoples and sustainable development in Italy and abroad. MUSOCO proposes to implement humanitarian initiatives at national and international levels. It aims at improving the quality of life of the underprivileged, especially young people. Our activities include: social care and health care; meetings and exchanges between cultures and languages; training, study and research; protection and enhancement of the environment. The Organization's goals are based on the principles of equal opportunity and respect for people's inviolable rights. Their activities are carried out with partnerships that favor sharing knowledge and responsibility based on clear and transparent agreements: this helps with growing and improving the realization of their projects. The Association is based in Venice and is composed of members of different nationalities who live throughout Italy and abroad.

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