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Architecture for Exhibition 2019 Edition

Design of the museum set up for "Ocean Last Border" of National Geographic

Design of the museum set up for "Ocean Last Border" of National Geographic

The laboratory was conducted in collaboration with National Geographic Italia. Always intent on telling the story of the planet through the precious work of illustrious photographers, from 2020 the colossus of reportage photography intends to pay homage to the exploration of the oceans, staging - at Palazzo Blu in Pisa - a series of magnificent shots that tell the mysterious and unfathomable wonder of the universe submarine. Through the workshop, the students were offered the opportunity to compete with National Geographic in the design of a similar installation, contributing to the narration of a
tale - that of marine exploration - which, for centuries, inspired the most exciting adventures and discoveries of mankind.

National Geographic Italia

National Geographic is a global non-profit that funds the best and brightest individuals around the world. Their mission is to use the power of science, exploration, education, and storytelling to illuminate and protect the wonder of planet Earth. National Geographic Explorers are advancing new knowledge and leading conservation programs with outsized impact to protect nature, wildlife, and historical places. They are documenting the wonders of our world—including its beauty, mystery, and the threats it faces—and inspiring people to care and act on behalf of our planet and its people.

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