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High-level training course, 2024 Edition

Architecture for Hospitality

Course periodSep 2, 2024 – Nov 8, 2024
Ranking publicationJul 29, 2024
PlacementMiralles Tagliabue EMBT, Open Project, Lombardini22, NOA, Lissoni & Partners, Matteo Thun & Partners
Architecture for Hospitality


A journey feeds itself primarily on architecture.

Whether they are stilts overhanging crystal-clear atolls, or simple tents clinging to breathtaking landscapes, it is the architecture that provides the backdrop for one of humankind's most cherished and fascinating experiences.

Besides any poetry, tourism represents one of the most significant sectors of the global economy, and every year billions of individuals attend accommodation facilities for study, leisure, or work.

Designing accommodation facilities is therefore not only an opportunity to confront the dimension of the dream - of the home away from home, the escape from the ordinary - but also to place oneself in a sector rich in resources and growing opportunities.

For a similar reason, the course in "Architecture for Hospitality" was created to prepare young designers for a deeply demanding sector with high degrees of complexity, but also extraordinary growth prospects.

Through an understanding of the different types of accommodations, and analysis of the related functional programs, designers will gain expertise in translating the most diverse receptive concepts into as many architectural designs, capable of generating the right atmosphere and ensuring the best experience for the related users. The course will consist of 80 hours of face-to-face teaching, 32 hours of workshops, and numerous lectures by renowned professionals. 

At the end of the training course, the YACademy placement office will guarantee each student an internship/collaboration proposal within the partner firms.

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Italian & English

translation from Italian into English avalaible
Available places

15 In person
5 Online



Course timeline

2.9.2024 - 8.11.2024

3 days/week
Placement activation

November 2024 - February 2025

Enrollment fee

€ 2900 + VAT

Enrollment fee

€ 7900 + VAT

In person


Full coverage of the enrollment fee for the most outstanding candidates
* it can be split in three installments (with a 6% increase on the total amount)

Teaching modules & Workshops

Types of accommodation

Characteristics, services and organizational models of different hotel categories

Layout of a hotel

Space organization and functional patterns

Furnishings in interior design

Designing the soul of a hotel

Greening design

Greenery inside and outside the hotel

Restaurant and food spaces

Restaurant and food spaces

Budget control

The connection between economy and architecture

Student hotel

Collective space as the driving feature behind the project

New trend and typologies

The 1000 possible nuances of hospitality business

Wellness spaces

Spa, gyms and swimming pools: spaces for the spirit and the body

The design of light

Light as a physical and perceptual phenomenon behind the concept of atmosphere of an environment

The production of furniture

From raw materials to finished product

Branding through architecture

Understanding the identity of a hotel to design its spaces

Site Visits

Basel, Vitra Campus

Moglia, Cesare Roversi Arredamenti

Hotel Safari Milan

Special lectures and critiques

Fogo Island Inn: lodges in the far north

Todd Saunders / Saunders Architecture

AKA Hotel: franchise dimension in the project

Piero Lissoni / Lissoni & Partners

Hotels and the natural environment: from Alps to deserts

Matteo Thun / Matteo Thun & Partners

Branded design: Bulgari Hotel a Roma

Florian Thorwart & Francesca Carlino / ACPV ARCHITECTS Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel

From Lucerne to Las Vegas: hospitality according to Herzog & De Meuron

Andreas Fries / Herzog & de Meuron

Lodging facility from industrial archaeology: Alila Yangshuo

Gong Dong / Vector Architects

Food spaces 1: Santa Caterina Market in Barcelona

Benedetta Tagliabue / EMBT Miralles Tagliabue

Food spaces 2: Under, the first underwater restaurant

Patrick Lüth / Snøhetta

1Hotel: wood and eco-luxury

Kengo Kuma / Kengo Kuma & Associates

Form Louis Vuitton to Four Season: designing for brands

Patricia Urquiola / Studio Urquiola

A new hybrid model of hospitality in Milan

Design workshop

Patricia Urquiola / Studio Urquiola

The workshop will represent the occasion of practical synthesis through which to test all the notions that will be made available through the other didactic modules, ensuring strategic answers with respect to a real architectural project. The workshop is conducted in collaboration with HINES - one of the most relevant real estate development companies in the world - will address the development of a new model of hybrid hospitality characterized by a strong Italian spirit: the "Glostels." Much more than a hotel, Glostels are accommodation facilities capable of evolving the standard hospitality concept by enlarging it to become part of the urban fabric of the city. Integrating the informality of the business segment with a more chic and design-oriented ambition, the Glostel is a new concept that wants to open up to the city by inviting a public of tourists and citizens to come in, relax and discover its mix of offerings, available all day long. Consistent with a contemporaneity less congealed on traditional receptive categories, the Glostels gather the demand of a young population looking for collective spaces of sharing and leisure of quality and connoted on the level of design. In a property located near the famous Navigli - the heart of Milan's "movida" -, the students will be able to measure themselves against all the instances of a real case study - the conversion of an existing residential property - towards an innovative receptive typology, deeply demanding on the design level, and with high ambitions in terms of quality. Called upon to design elegant, flexible spaces that ensure dynamic and positive interaction among users, the trainees will have to give rise to a deeply iconic intervention that can be the starting point for a true franchise capable of establishing itself in new markets globally.


A new hybrid model of hospitality in Milan

Construction workshop

Construction is a fundamental step in architecture. For this reason, YACademy offers its students the opportunity to participate in the process of producing their own ideas. Thus, the students will gain practical experience on construction sites and, above all, the authorship of projects built for excellent commissions, destined for a major media echo and capable of defining a turning point in their professional career.


At the end of teaching modules and workshop, YACademy’s Placement office will guarantee every student an internship or collaboration proposal in one of our partner studios.




Students or graduates in Architecture/Design can apply to the course. The commission, based on the assessment of the application, may admit students with different qualifications.


To apply, it is necessary to register online and submit a Curriculum Vitae, a Portfolio, and a Motivational Letter. Moreover, it is necessary to pay the administration fee (€60 + VAT). The best 20 candidates will be admitted to the course according to the rules.


By applying for the course, the students automatically become eligible to obtain a scholarship: one will be granted to each of the best 3 applicants for each course, consistently with the Selection Committee's evaluation. Therefore, it is not necessary to make specific actions to apply for a scholarship. The scholarship covers the entire enrollment fee - regardless of the type of attendance chosen -, but does not cover the administration fee (€60 + VAT) that have to be paid in order to complete the application process successfully.


Complying with deadlines is a fundamental requirement to take part in the course. All students are encouraged to pay the utmost attention to the timeline and to complete each phase in advance.

Applications opening

Applications deadline

Publication of the provisional ranking

Beginning of second-round admissions

Enrollment fee payment deadline for students admitted according to the provisional ranking

Publication of the official ranking (including second-round admitted students)

Lessons start


Make sure you have downloaded the course brochure, from which you will be able to obtain any information about YACademy, as well as every single detail on how to access and enrol in the courses.

Rules eng

Regolamento ita


To each one of them, many thanks from YACademy staff and students.

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The space of dreaming and evasion - by Cesare Roversi

Architecture for Hospitality

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