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High-level training course, 2023 Edition

Architecture for Outer Space

Course periodNov 27, 2023 – Feb 16, 2024
PlacementBIG - Bjarke Ingels Group, Morphosis, UNStudio, Foster + Partners, Skidmore Owings & Merrill
Architecture for Outer Space


Cinema and science fiction have accustomed us to perceiving space research as something remote. Yet, 50 years after the last human landing on the Moon, a renewed interest in space has driven a group of international partners to return to our satellite through the Artemis program, in November 2022. 

Humans are expected to walk on the Moon again by 2025. After that, the Moon will become the most important scientific base of humankind. In all likelihood, the most significant scientific discoveries of the coming decades will take place there.

In this remarkable scenario, architects will play a key role.

For the first time in history, humanity is concretely being called upon to evolve as an interplanetary species. The colonization of any ecosystem or environment needs habitats and identity-giving places: it needs architecture.

For this reason, in collaboration with the European Space Agency's Topical Team on Planetary Caves, the course in Space Architecture was established to train the new pioneers of architecture, designers with a heroic and experimental mission: making human history by writing the future of the first extraterrestrial architectures. 

ESA, NASA and SpaceX: specializing in space architecture today means being the first architects to acquire specific skills and a competitive advantage in a disruptive field, which will offer extraordinary opportunities and significant investment in the near future.


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Available places

15 In person
5 Online



Course timeline

27.11.2023 - 16.2.2024

3 days/week
Placement activation

March 2024 - May 2024

Enrollment fee

2,450 € + VAT

Enrollment fee

7,900 € + VAT *

In person


Full coverage of the enrollment fee for the most outstanding candidates
* it can be split in three installments (with a 6% increase on the total amount)

Teaching modules & Workshops

The new Space race

Business models and structures in the new space economy

Space geopolitics

Possible cooperation and balance scenarios

Consequences of Space research

How satellites influence life on Earth

Habitability in extreme contexts

Design for isolated and confined environments on the Earth and in Space

Space Architecture I

History and principles of architecture for outer Space

Space Architecture II

Constraints and requirements of Architecture for Space habitat

Space Architecture III

Parametric tools and gamification for Space architecture

Building on Mars and on the Moon

Technologies for the construction of habitats in outer space

Building living structures

Biofabrication strategies for Earth and Space

Planetary geology

The context of planetary bodies and their caves

Extra-planetary survey and location

The use of planetary GIS for design and mission planning

Cultivating in extreme environments

Theory and practice of growing plants without soil

Site Visits

WASP Research Lab (Massa Lombarda)

Aquaponic Design Research Lab (Bologna)

Frasassi Caves

Special lectures and critiques

Astronaut's stories: 313 days in Space

Paolo Nespoli / Astronaut

Architecture in extreme environments: the Antarctic stations

Hugh Broughton / Hugh Brougthon Architects

BIG: on the Moon and on Mars

Julian Ocampo Salazar / Bjarke Ingels Group - BIG

Moon Village: A new chapter of space exploration

Georgi Petrov / Skidmore Owings & Merrill - SOM

A home on Mars

Xavier De Kestelier / HASSELL

How to turn sci-fi into reality

Phnam Bagley / Nonfiction

Space neuroarchitecture: senses as wellbeing tools

Ari Peralta / Arigami UK

3D printing in Space

Melodie Yashar / ICON

Construction workshop

Construction is a fundamental step in architecture. For this reason, YACademy offers its students the opportunity to participate in the process of producing their own ideas. Thus, the students will gain practical experience on construction sites and, above all, the authorship of projects built for excellent commissions, destined for a major media echo and capable of defining a turning point in their professional career.


At the end of teaching modules and workshop, YACademy’s Placement office will guarantee every student an internship or collaboration proposal in one of our partner studios.




Students or graduates in Architecture/Design can apply to the course. The commission, based on the assessment of the application, may admit students with different qualifications.


To apply, it is necessary to register online and submit a Curriculum Vitae, a Portfolio, and a Motivational Letter. Moreover, it is necessary to pay the administration fee (60€ + VAT). The best 20 candidates will be admitted to the course according to the rules.
The administration fee payment does not bind the student to purchase the course.


Complying with deadlines is a fundamental requirement to take part in the course. All students are encouraged to pay the utmost attention to the timeline and to complete each phase in advance.

Applications opening

Applications deadline

Publication of the provisional ranking

Beginning of second-round admissions

Enrollment fee payment deadline for students admitted according to the provisional ranking

Publication of the official ranking (including second-round admitted students)

Lessons start


Make sure you have downloaded the course brochure, from which you will be able to obtain any information about YACademy, as well as every single detail on how to access and enrol in the courses.

Course Brochure


Brochure Corso



To each one of them, many thanks from YACademy staff and students.

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Design today for the society of tomorrow

Architecture for Outer Space

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